NeoClear Acne Treatment by Aerolase in Houston, tx

NeoClear Acne Treatment by Aerolase

NeoClear by Aerolase provides a new, safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for acne for patients of all ages and skin types, utilizing advanced 650-microsecond technology. This powerful acne treatment targets the major factors contributing to acne: excess sebum production, inflammation, and the p. acnes bacteria. Traditionally, addressing these factors required various treatments, medications, or skin care options, but NeoClear achieves this with a single device. The unique settings of the 650-microsecond device enable energy to penetrate deep into the skin in a highly safe and tolerable pulse, reducing sebum production, suppressing inflammation, and destroying the p. acnes bacteria. This helps clear current acne breakouts and prevent future ones. Additionally, the deep heating energy helps build collagen, which can lessen the appearance of acne scars and leave skin looking radiant.

NeoClear is a special treatment as it has no side effects, is very comfortable for patients, and results can be seen quickly – sometimes in as little as a single treatment. Patients who do not want to take prescription medications or are not able to do so will find this option to be an excellent alternative. Plus, with increasing prescription costs, NeoClear is a cost-effective solution for acne problems.

Depending on how severe the acne is and how large the affected area (face, neck, chest, torso), NeoClear treatments typically last between 10-30 minutes. Treatment can be performed without any skin cooling, anesthetic, or even touching the skin. It is highly effective, safe, and tolerable for all ages, all skin types, and all types of acne.

How Many Treatment Sessions are Required?

For NeoClear Acne Treatment by Aerolase, typically 4 to 6 sessions are necessary to achieve optimal results. These treatments are spaced at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks, allowing the skin adequate time to respond to the therapy and heal between sessions. This regimen helps to effectively manage and reduce acne symptoms over a relatively short period.

Is It Painful?

No, patients typically experience only a mild, tolerable sensation of heat. This is a significant advancement in Aerolase technology. The Neo Elite has established a new standard for virtually pain-free treatment, even on darker skin types, thanks to its MicroPulse-1064 technology.

Patients That Should NOT be Treated Include:

Before And After


Individuals struggling with obesity or overweight issues, those who have unsuccessfully tried traditional methods of weight loss, or individuals with weight-related health concerns.
Results can vary, but many clients see improvements within the first few weeks of starting their program.
Results can be long-lasting, especially with ongoing lifestyle changes and maintenance strategies.
The side effects are minimal and may include discomfort or changes in bowel habits. Downtime is typically not required.
Before starting the treatment, it’s essential to undergo a thorough health assessment. Afterward, follow the personalized plan provided by your healthcare provider, incorporating diet, exercise, and other recommended strategies.
During treatment, you can expect personalized guidance and support from healthcare professionals, including dietary recommendations, exercise guidance, and behavioral therapy to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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