Razor Bumps (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae) Treatment with Aerolase Neo Elite in Houston, tx

Razor Bumps Treatment with Aerolase Neo Elite

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB), also known as ingrown hairs or razor bumps, is an irritating condition commonly caused by shaving, often appearing in patients with darker skin types. The Aerolase Neo Elite laser selectively targets melanin in the base of the hair and follicle, as well as hyperpigmentation surrounding the lesion. Its unique 650-microsecond pulse duration, which is 50 to 500 times shorter than pulses typically used for hair removal by other laser technologies, allows the energy to pass through the skin quickly and effectively treat the condition without overheating the epidermal melanin.

How Often Should Treatments Be Performed?

3-4 treatments every 2-3 weeks is recommended for PFB.

How Does This Treatment Work on PFB (Ingrown Hair)?

Melanin is absorbed in both the hair follicle and skin, damaging the hair follicle and impeding growth while also removing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) in the surrounding area, thus eliminating bumps caused by ingrown hair.

Is It Painful?

Aerolase technology sets a new standard for virtually pain-free treatment, even on darker skin types. With MicroPulse-1064 technology, the Neo Elite offers virtually painless treatment, even on darker skin types.

Patients That Should NOT be Treated Include:

Before And After


Individuals struggling with obesity or overweight issues, those who have unsuccessfully tried traditional methods of weight loss, or individuals with weight-related health concerns.
Results can vary, but many clients see improvements within the first few weeks of starting their program.
Results can be long-lasting, especially with ongoing lifestyle changes and maintenance strategies.
The side effects are minimal and may include discomfort or changes in bowel habits. Downtime is typically not required.
Before starting the treatment, it’s essential to undergo a thorough health assessment. Afterward, follow the personalized plan provided by your healthcare provider, incorporating diet, exercise, and other recommended strategies.
During treatment, you can expect personalized guidance and support from healthcare professionals, including dietary recommendations, exercise guidance, and behavioral therapy to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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