Nail Fungus Treatment with Aerolase Neo Elite in Houston, tx

Nail Fungus Treatment with Aerolase Neo Elite

Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, is an infection of the toenail that changes the color, thickness, and quality of the nail, potentially causing pain and difficulty walking. Laser treatment for nail fungus with the Aerolase Neo Elite is safe, quick, and highly effective, often clearing the infection with only one or two treatments. This method is much safer and more effective than oral medications or topical creams. The Aerolase Neo Elite’s deep-heating and powerful laser ensures the fungal material is destroyed by achieving penetration into the nail bed. Patients can resume their daily activities as normal after the treatment.

Results are not immediate, as it takes 3-12 months for the new, non-infected nail to grow. To avoid reinfection, patients should follow this preventive care regimen:

How Many Treatment Sessions Are Required?

Typically, 2-4 treatment sessions are recommended, spaced out 1-2 weeks apart in order to determine the success of each subsequent treatment and observe the clear nail growth. Follow-up treatments may be required to prevent or treat reinfection.

How Often Should Treatments Be Performed?

It is recommended a treatment be completed once every 1 to 2 weeks.

What Happens After Treatment?

When removing nail fungus and improving nail color and condition, consistency in foot care is necessary to prevent reinfection. The nail takes between 9-12 months to completely grow out, so you need to be patient and follow the aftercare instructions. If you do not notice any changes in your nail immediately after treatment, it is important to be patient. If reinfection does not occur, you should see clear nail growth as it grows out.


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