Tirzepatide in Houston, tx

Tirzepatide is a cutting-edge injectable medication that binds to GLP-1 receptors. The drug mimics the effects of the natural hormone GLP-1, which regulates blood sugar levels. This treatment primarily manages type 2 diabetes mellitus by stimulating insulin production, inhibiting glucagon secretion, and delaying gastric emptying. However, recent studies have shown promising results in weight management, […]

Semaglutide in Houston, tx

For people with serious, chronic weight management problems, semaglutide is a breakthrough treatment. This insulin-boosting medication was initially discovered as an effective diabetes treatment but is now available to patients who need to lose weight consistently over the long term. This treatment method does not rely on stimulants, harmful crash diets, unsustainable exercise plans, or […]

Fat Burner Shots in houston tx

It is a compounded lipotropic injection that can encourage fat-burning for energy in the body. There are three main nutrients in Fat Burner Shots. Enzymes play a crucial role in the breakdown and metabolism of fat within the body.MIC injections or MICs are sometimes referred to collectively as MICs. We have customized the Fatburner Shots […]

AOD-9604 in houston tx

AOD-9604, a cutting-edge peptide therapy, offers a non-invasive solution for individuals seeking targeted fat reduction and enhanced metabolism. This innovative treatment operates by stimulating the breakdown of stored fat cells in the body, aiding in weight management and promoting lean muscle mass. AOD-9604 can be applied to various areas of concern, including stubborn fat deposits […]

Medical Grade Skin Care

Skin better Skin Better line stands out as a true game-changer in the realm of medical-grade skincare. These exceptional products are meticulously formulated with advanced science and premium ingredients to deliver unparalleled results. Whether used during a facial treatment or as part of a recommended home skincare regimen, Skin Better offers a wide range of […]

Topical Hair Growth Formulations

What is the new technology for hair restoration?

Topical Hair Growth Formulations Hair Growth Topical Serum A topical prescription containing minoxidil 5%, tretinoin, and fluocinolone aids in hair growth by targeting different aspects of the hair growth cycle and addressing underlying scalp conditions. Minoxidil 5%: Minoxidil is a vasodilator that promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles. It extends the anagen, or growth […]

Keravive Scalp Therapy

Keravive Scalp Therapy What are Keravive Scalp Treatments? Keravive Scalp Treatments are a revolutionary solution for those struggling with various scalp issues. Developed by leading experts in hair care, Keravive treatments aim to rejuvenate and revitalize the scalp, promoting healthier hair growth from the root. This innovative treatment combines a unique blend of clinical-grade ingredients […]

Butt enhancement (instant BBL)with hyperdilute Radiesse in Houston TX

For those seeking a non-invasive way to enhance their buttocks’ shape, the Radiesse Butt Lift, or simply Radiesse BBL, may be the solution. This non-surgical procedure employs the use of hyperdiluted Radiesse injections, a type of biostimulating filler, to augment the buttocks and create a more defined and lifted look. The Radiesse BBL treatment not […]


DERMAPLANING WHY WE LOVE IT Dermaplaning is one of our favorite treatments because it provides instant results by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz to offer smoother, more youthful-looking skin. WHO IS IT FOR? Dermaplaning is for those who want to take their treatment to the next level! Not only will your skin look […]


MICRONEEDLING WHY WE LOVE IT Microneedling stimulates collagen and elastin production naturally by creating microscopic controlled injuries, forcing the skin to heal itself and correcting stubborn skin concerns. Add on Exosomes or PRP for even better results! WHO IS IT FOR? Microneedling is an amazing treatment for patients of all skin tones wanting to correct: […]

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